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  • Cello/Bass/Violin: Beginning, Advanced and Master
  • Sarangi:Beginning, Master and History
  • Instrument repair classes
  • Creative Music Workshops on all instruments
  • Private lessons and group lessons, master lessons

String instrument repair

  • Luthier of Bowed Instruments Repair :
  • Cello, Bass, Violin
  • Indian String Bowed Instrument Repair:
  • Sarangi, Esraj, Dilruba, Sarinda


  • Bookings are available for solo, duet, and world music band performances.
  • Kash Killion is available for collaborations with other bands ranging from the Sun Ra Arkestra to Cuban/Salsa bands to classical music and Indian classical music.
  • Killion’s Trillions, as heard on Lost Legacy of the Cello, is also available for booking here.


  • Kash Killion is available for lectures and demonstrations of string instruments including bass, cello, violin, and sarangi (instrument from India).
  • Educational seminars can be formatted as single-event meetings or as a series of meetings.

One Response to Contact Kash Killion

  1. peter brown says:

    Hi Kash- I got a sarangi several years ago and have been practicing on it seriously (scales) for several months, I’m developing better intonation and learning bowing technique, and would be very interested in taking a lesson(s) with you, if you’d be available for that.

    Please let me know if this is doable-

    Many thanks- Pete

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